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Metal of Honor's Engravings


Fender Struts

Various bases, airfields, ships and duty stations attacked

Oil Tank

Five US Armed Forces Service Emblems

Engine Cover (Right)

Purple Heart Service Medal

Keep America Alert: a portion of the official motto of the PHSA


Gas Tank (Right)

Images of the USS Arizona. The ship was severely damaged by torpedos during the attack. 1,177 sailors were killed when an aerial bomb struck the deck and exploded the forward magazine. The ship sank shortly thereafter.

Today, the USS Arizona Memorial stands over the unsalvaged wreck in Oahu, HI as a tribute and guardian of all those killed in the attack. Drops of oil from the ship still leak into the bay. The National Park Service monitors the ship's bulkheads to ensure no major leaks occur to damage the fagile ecosystem.

Did you know? Elvis Presley raised $64,000 with a benefit concert in March of 1961 to help build the Memorial?


Air Cleaner

Quote from President Roosevelt’s speech on Dec. 8, 1941 declaring America’s entry into WWII.


WWII-era Victory emblem


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Metal of Honor's Engravings

Front Fender

WWII “V” for “Victory" symbol

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association Medal struck by Congress in 1990

Front Fender Brace

World War II Victory Medal Ribbon

Navy Anchor & US aircraft insignia


Dedication to Survivor Benjamin F. Boosinger, friend of the owner

Gas Tank (Left)

A pictorial tribute to Medal of Honor Recipient John W. Finn. John was the first person to be cited for the Medal of Honor during WWII. He is also the oldest living recipient and a friend of the owner. John’s signature appears between his service picture and his Medal of Honor (front and back). The Medal is reproduced from photos taken by the author during the PHSA 65th Anniversary trip.

Vintage Harley Davidson Emblem

Distributor Cover

Navy Cross Service Medal

Horn Cover

Quote from Gettysburg Address given by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. The quote was commonly used during the war years on Pearl Harbor propaganda posters.

Engine Cover (Left)

Listing of the 14 other Medal of Honor Recipients awarded during the attack on Pearl Harbor. 10 were recognized after their deaths in service to our country.

Enlarged Medal of Honor

Rear Chain Guard

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's "sleeping giant" quote. There is some debate as to weather this quote is real or merely a paraphrase of another remark that was incorporated by the writer of the screenplay for the film "Tora! Tora! Tora!". In any event, it clearly aligns with Yamamoto's often stated belief that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a mistake, even though he was the one who came up with the plan.

A quote from President Roosevelt

Rear Fender

Dedication Banner for Metal of Honor

Map of Hawaiian Islands

Listing of large ships in harbor

USS Oklahoma capsized as a result of the attack. After the USS Arizona, The Oklahoma was the most damaged in the attack, but she was recovered. An attempt was made to tow her across the Pacific for repairs, but she sunk in transit. All other ships hit during the attack, besides the Oklahoma and Arizona, went on to serve throughout World War II and beyond.

USS Ward and Japanese mini-sub. The Ward spotted and fired on this sub in the early hours of December 7th, 1941, just minutes before the attack, according to witnesses on board. The sub couldn't be found and their story went unconfirmed until the sub was recovered by scientists in August, 2002.