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Still serving the country ... 7 decades later.

The Survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor hold a very special place in the hearts of all Americans. And for more than 67 years, since that “date which will live in infamy,” they have carried their message of “Remember Pearl Harbor and Keep America Alert” to every generation.

But few Americans are aware of just how that mission of remembrance has been carried out, nor that the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA) works tirelessly throughout any given year to ensure that current and future generations never forget.

Not only remembering the more than 2,400 Americans killed during the attack on the morning of December 7th, 1941, the Survivors are ever-vigilant in reminding Americans that that terrible event ushered America into the most destructive war in the course of human history; one which claimed the lives of more than 407,000 American men and women.

The Survivors are eye-witnesses to that day of infamy, and the book, Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember, with its beautiful collection of photographs, will give any lover of Freedom or American history something to treasure for many years to come.

Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember stands apart from the many books that focus on the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941. This touching tribute chronicles the lives of the Pearl Harbor Survivors, as they perform their daily mission. The thinning ranks of these dedicated survivors appear in parades and at memorials. They still volunteer countless hours to educate and remind the public ... almost 7 decades after the War ended.

In Pearls of Honor: Their Duty to Remember, author Dana Harbaugh, through his own Deontos Publishing, tells a moving story of the Survivors and their mission, born of his deep friendship with the Survivors and their families.

Nine years ago, Dana was invited to become an honorary member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA) chapter in San Diego. He took his camera to all their events, and those of other chapters across the country. Soon, he amassed a collection of over 20,000 images. As the requests for his pictures increased, he realized he needed an easy way to share this historical treasure trove. His forthcoming book pays tribute to the Survivors, reveals the souls of these heroes, and honors their continued service.

Let us never forget Pearl Harbor, nor the Survivors who spent their lifetimes carrying-out their duty to remember.

Join us on a photographic excursion with these true American treasures as they Remember Pearl Harbor… a duty and message they have sworn to carry to all Americans.